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So lately, a lot of you have noticed that I’ve been playing around with videos. Don’t worry… This doesn’t change who I am or what I’m doing. For my thirtieth birthday, I received a camcorder. I had expressed I wanted to capture more of our funny moments on camera. Well I’m gonna give it to you straight. There are a lot of funny moments in my household. Lo and behold, I got one for my birthday. With minimal memory, and well :/ Yes I already got it wet. I have nowhere to store my moments. Thus, the YouTube channel was created. Granted were all not used to the camera and that makes for quite the awkward beginning of the YouTube journey,


If you’ve enjoyed my stories, poems, and life moments through here, you may just enjoy seeing another sliver of the pie there. Now you can watch us as we grow in our journey. Whoah! did that sound totally voyeuristic 😩 I love my blogger-verse, and I’ll be here for a long time. Once I can figure out why I’m unable to reply, like and approve a lot of your comments, and return the love on your pages; I’ll be more present. This technical glitch is kind of cramping my style. :/

I know a lot of you have been on this ride with me going on three years now, and I am most grateful for that. With your support, I have grown. I do hope you enjoy yet again another small piece of me with my videos. I’ll still be posting my musings daily.

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Click here to watch the latest video?

Starting tomorrow, the new intro, and outro will be up.

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