A World Crumbling

Somewhere along the way.
The world has changed.
Realities growing insane.
Hearts becoming vain.

Every day we walk this path.
Bullies here.
Victims there.
It’s all in the air.

Stifled voices and fearful eyes.
Stumbling through a broken existence.
Children tearing each other down.
When really
They should unite themselves .

Horrifying events.
Your seeing on the news.
Kids getting abused.
Minds getting cut loose.

Into the depths.
Out of this realm.
Somethings gotta change.

Stand up, speak up.
Strong and unafraid.

Start to believe in something great.
Create a world with less disdain.

It’s time to make a difference.
©Rarenwise 1-17-15

15 thoughts on “A World Crumbling

  1. SonniQ says:

    Yes, it gets harder and harder to look at the overall picture of the world and it’s people – not all people, the ones who think they have a right to hurt others. Good poem.

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