A Year In Review: Lifelines

“There aren’t many things in life, more exhilarating than that of a deep connection.” #StuffRareSays

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After a few weeks of introspection, I started remembering.

Moments, people, and situations in life that stood out and defined me.
These reflections led me down the path to…
Reaching out to an old friend.
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“Didn’t. Even. Skip. A beat.”

There is a reason I stated recently,
“God shows us our enemies before he blesses us.”

Not because I heard it somewhere or because I think I know something more…

Because I experienced it firsthand upon discovering my frenemies true colors one dark and gloomy evening.

“Jealousy can make a person do strange things. Including sabotage you.” #StuffRareSays

And so…

Gladly getting that out of the way


Receiving the blessing of a lifetime!!!
I moved forward with that little flicker of fire in my soul
Burning brightly
Roaring loudly.
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The Next Day:

It was the first day of the workshop. I’d never worked with college students before, but I must admit it was awesome. Despite being unable to participate fully due to a strenuous schedule, I was left wanting to do it again.

Behind the scenes:

During down time, I stood outside in the crisp chill air. The birds chirping in the trees above and my right leg perched on a flagstone step. With my coffee in hand, I took a sip and slowly soaked in the fall sun in awe.
Life as I knew it was beginning to change.


I cringed as I laid my eyes on the van.

With a shrug of my shoulders, and sheer utter disappointment washing over me, I stood in defeat…..

The front door closed and Ryno walked out, carrying his cup in tow as well.

“I enjoy my encounters with Ryno. I like to call our conversations leadership chats.”

“I remember when I wrecked my car.” He said as he took notice of the van.

I looked over at him with some relief.

It’s relatable.

“Accidents are inevitable. We are all bound to have them.”

In a moment of despair, I mentioned the strain this newfound damage was going to bring to me.

“Don’t” He said with distinction.

In surprise, I looked at him, as he continued to say, “After everything you’ve gotten through, and everything you do, don’t start letting yourself be defeated now. That’s not you. You’re a conqueror.
You always rise to challenges”


Thanks Ryno
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With that first workshop under my belt, Things began to dial down for a while. Mid-term elections were coming to an end, the holiday season was beginning to set in, and I was off to a positively steady pace with …. An old friend.
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