A Year In Review: Transitions

“As our life passes, our years begin to blend together. It is our remarkable experiences that will stand out.” #StuffRareSays

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“The universe has a peculiar sense of humor.” #RoofTop

I suppose we always knew. We just weren’t ready. With such fierce endearment towards one another, it stung deep to be ripped apart. It took the experiences of life to guide us back to each other. The moment all the pieces came together, everything made sense.
An unbreakable bond.

A few weeks had passed and the storm was in its calm. As conversations continued between… Let’s call them… Count Vader.

The holidays were off to a great start.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen my big bro. Since we lost dad to be exact. I miss my bro. With only five months until he came home, I was getting anxious.”

Remember that call?

That big bro came home five months early. A thanksgiving miracle.

That has been a treat.
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With Vader and The bro coming back into my life simultaneously, I now had a lot more to things to contemplate and shuffle through.


Mom life
Community effort

Despite it all….
I toggled  it all like a champ.
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The beginning of the end.

“Were just roommates. We’re not even friends.”
He said with hate in his heart.

I’ll probably hold onto that statement from here on out.
It was a defining moment between Jay and I.
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On top of that list up there, things were tense between us.

I’d say it got rough.
Mean-spirited things were said.
Things that cannot be taken back.

And so….

We had to establish.
drinking a soda with an apathetic expression while looking away from a dumpster fire

Despite our differences, we chose to have a happy Christmas anyway.

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A few days later:

With everything else in line, my Sweet Pea is home for a visit.

Just in time to kick off the New Year!

I’m choosing NOT to have a new year’s resolution this year.

The thing is: we shouldn’t wait for a “New Year, New Me” to evolve ourselves.

To be continued….

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7 thoughts on “A Year In Review: Transitions

  1. countvader says:

    I’ve loved this year in review of yours, can’t wait for the end. I very much would like to meet this ” Count Vader!” 🙂

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