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“Remember that moment. When everything is in sync. and you are one with yourself. You’ll feel like an eagle soaring through the skies. Hold onto it, and cherish it. It forever holds the key to who your meant to be.” #stuffraresays © Rarenwise 2016

Life as we know it, is mysterious on all ends of the spectrum. We spend our lives discovering our own selves, and evolving through those experiences (The good, the bad, the glorious, and the ugly). We are who we are because of what we were. While we are ever-changing and growing, we also have our stories to tell.

“It is not what we go through that defines who we are, but rather how strong we stand when we get back up.” #StuffRareSays
Whether i’m knee deep in a story about motherhood, and ALL that god given glory that comes along with being one, I’ll tell you a story.
When I’ve just experienced one of those life moments where THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! I’ll tell you a little story.
When inspiration slaps me right across my face, I’ll tell you a little something.
From the daily chimes to my best rhymes, and much more!!
I’ll tell you a little story….. 

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. unclerave says:

    Good stuff, rarebear! But you need to edit your top quote. You wrote: “the key to who your meant to be”, but it should be *the key to who you’re meant to be*. I’m sure, from reading your other musings, that it was just a slip. — YUR

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