A writer of all styles, musician and blogger. With a strong musical background, I was given a unique talent towards poetry. Despite the poetry, I am still as much of a fiction writer as any. I’ve put  countless time and effort into music, and writing. I’m a proud mother, and a college graduate (Major: Forensic Psych.). I have my parents to thank for always expecting a lot out of me, even when I was lost, they always nudged me back in the right direction. During hardships, and grief throughout my entire life, the scars left behind have healed into neatly crafted sprouts of wisdom.

With that said, I present to you my world of musings.

“Remember that moment. When everything is in sync. and you are one with yourself. You’ll feel like an eagle soaring through the skies. Hold onto it, and cherish it. It forever holds the key to who your meant to be.” #stuffraresays  © Rarenwise 2016   


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  1. rambling kori says:

    This isn’t spam, I swear. Maybe it is though. Nah its not for sure.

    I’ve nominated you for a bloggers recognition award on my latest blog post:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello Melanie I am a fan of your work you have so much potential aim for the stars and by all means use your gift to inspire people to do good (:

  3. Wisdomfromtherooms says:

    Enjoyed viewing some of the posts on your blog. I like the fact that in your author bio you acknowledge those who have helped you along the way. It’s wonderful to encounter humility these days. I wish you success with your writing.
    All the best

  4. Ngobesing Romanus says:

    Hello Mel! Nice to be here and to talk to you. I would like you to know that your site is nice and I like it. I look forward to reading more of the things you will write and have written. My best wishes.

  5. Today, You Will Write says:

    Hello Mel, thanks for your many dynamic posts. I like that your work seems eclectic and your site offers a similar vibe. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award and the Real Neat Award. Do accept. You can find out more in my posts, Playing it Forward. Cheers, Rareity!

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