Adversity Is Man Made

The topic of adversity has been resurfacing a lot lately.

The thing is, that everyone experiences it in their lives. Why? Because we are ALL different.

Guess what….

That’s OK! The world would be a pretty bland place without the diversity don’t you think?

I mean who wants to spend their entire life, listening to the same song over, and over, and over,¬† and over, and over, and over, annnnnddd ovvvvveer for……EVER!

OK so you get the point now, BOOOORRING!

So! let’s just not.

My motto: “Instead of focusing on how were all DIFFERENT, let’s focus on how were all ALIKE.”

Because, we are.

Look at it like a puzzle:

You buy the box and take it home. The puzzle has 5000 pieces. Well, it’s gonna take a while BUT, it’ll be fun.

Look at every piece in that box. Do they all fit?


Of course they do! because every single piece in that box fits together into….


I want you all to remember that you are a valuable piece to this giant puzzle we have in life. Without you, without me, without US we cannot thrive.


I know, some of my local readers are probably getting tired of hearing this word. However, as my dad used to in grain these concepts in my mind, I’ve learned that method. But hey… I learned, and because of that,

I AM the legacy.

Real Talk:

WE are ALL amazing, unique, beautiful, and important to the big picture. Do not let others cause you to doubt your part. Do not let events, or experiences in your life this week, take you down.

“The world around us is a reflection of us.” #StuffRareSays

Therefore, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. believing in yourself will cause others to do so too.

More so,

“A negative mindset will breed negative experiences and encounters, but a positive mindset even in your darkest moments, will¬† foster positive experiences, and encounters. “ #StuffRareSays¬†

Have a powerful sunday, and I’ll see ya on the next one…..

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