Agent Rare: On The Move

RareBear here.

A lot of you guessed my location, but only one of you guessed first!




I entered my calculations wrong and I ended up in


Look at these cute and cuddly creatures, how can I be mad?

 The hamsters let me play with their toys. this made me glad.

Even opened gifts at a party full of Giraffes and interesting hieroglyphs  


An elephant gave me a ride to the fountains. Where I slid down the slide.

For lunch, I had an unlimited supply of nuts.   With permission from the squirrels of course.

I was disappointed during my afternoon snack, when a hippo sat on me and stole my Ice cream 

afterwards, I had a good ol’ laugh about it  

and continued to explore. After a full days worth of events,  I’m beat. I made friends with this super hip camel, so if you need me, I’ll be napping with him. 

Ahhh dreamland.  I’m soaking in a spring on a deserted island. Oh look… a JUNGLE.  It looks like the place I was supposed to land. I hear voices, and low gurgling. I must be near water. A scream let out and chaos let loose around me, I awoke from my dream and all the animals in the  Zoo are running around in distress.

Can you guess what just happened, and what should I do?

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