And Then It Happened

I know what your thinking….

It’s almost 2pm MST time and SHE HASN’T POSTED?!

My day started off pretty early. I was up at  5am to get the Jay man off to his surgery. Between spending the majority of the day tired AF….

I experienced some serious motherhood shenanigans, a few triggers, and some straight on productive projects.

Jay and I walked into the pre-op room, still filled with the cold morning air. We waited for the Dr.  So I could feel comfortable leaving him there, while I picked up the kids.  As I watched the nurse place the heart monitor patches on Jay’s chest, “That’s when it hit.”

A distant, clear, and painful memory:

I stood before the hospital bed. The nurses’ statement still reverberating inside my head. “It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.” A reality that held weight.

Dad rolled over in pain because his heart was failing him, and the only thing I could think to do was say, “Dad…. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Our final exchange.

As the nurse placed each patch, the memory faded in and out.

The doctor came in and installed a main drip line on dad, in order to shuffle medication directly into his heart while they flew him out.

As he slit into dads chest, fluids spattered everywhere.


I got stuff I needed from the grocery store and I was off to the home front.

Mnnnnn “Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas”

I received a phone call shortly after starting the casserole, and had to head off with kids this time.

When we arrived… Even though they had called me that Jay was ready, AND I didn’t get there for thirty minutes, they still didn’t let us go back.

And so…the wait was on.

The kids were getting more and more amped and I decided to take them for a walk. While we explored the cafeteria, and the hallways, the kids and I shared intriguing conversations.

And then…. it happened.

Honey Bear got so invested in his conversation with me, that he stepped on Baby Blue’s foot and she fell forehead first into the hard hospital floor….

Ouch, OUCH …..OUCH!!! We all heard the sound. She then developed a goose egg on her head.

This mom had nurses looking at her, and making sure she was OK. Guess it’s a good thing it happened at a hospital.

Guys!!! I was literally freaking out. My precious…. could have been damaged.

I honestly felt like a kid who’s ice cream just fell to the ground.

She turned out fine, and Honey Bear felt horrible. It may have been a life lesson to be mindful of where we are going.

Finally we got to go in, and bring Jay home. I got to finish my Enchiladas, and am finally sitting down.

Time to eat.



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