As The Water Flows

Have you ever encountered someone whom you may have never thought you’d have any sort of relationship or friendship with outside of being aquaintances but connected with on a whole other level?

This past weekend, I had the lovely opportunity of speaking with a woman about a current situation that is impacting certain career aspects in my career. If you’ve all learned one thing about me over the years, it’s that this lady takes her career …. SERIOUSLY.

“Try and be like water. When you look at a river and you watch the water stream, you see that even though there are rocks within, the water still moves gracefully around them, continuing to go with the flow.”

Reflection: Life is always going to test you. People are always going to test you. Trough it all, be still like water. Take those strides with patience and determination, and rather than trip up on an obstacle, the best way to achieve your goals is to move around the blocks as needed.


That doesn’t mean stepping on someone else’s toes to do so, or betraying others to do so.


As I’ve stated before: Just as you would drive slowly and cautiously over a speed hump, you would also take other avenues to achieve ayour goal.

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