Some people desire warring with others as a way of life. Other people just, have it together.

With maturity we grow into the realization that not everyone thinks alike, and that we also can’t expect everyone in our lives to talk specifically and approximately according to the demands of our ego.

Concepts vs. words

“The moment you start an argument, or begin criticism over a word (semantics) You have already lost your battle. “

When a point completely slips you by, and you generate an entirely new point you are not only showing your lack of comprehension, but you are also showing your insecurities by bringing up issues irrelevant to the topic, yet matching your emotions.

I’m not saying it’s not OK to have emotions, or even to express them. I AM saying wise men/woman know  when to put their emotions in check when dealing with other circumstances.

“There is always a time and place for all things to come out appropriately. Tread with love.” #StuffRareSays

With that said, as the old saying goes….

“Learn to pick your battles.”


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