Break Away

“Take a moment to look outside when you take that first sip of your cup. The most meaningful answers and components in your life wait within that moment of silence.” #StuffRareSays

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Good morning,
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Spiraling into a black abyss
Weighing Shoulders
On the brink
Carefully twisted
In the mix


Life’s unknowns
Within the bounds.
Breaking and shredding
Round and round.
©Rarenwise 1-5-19

We experience moments in our lives when we FEEL that way.
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Everything is spiraling.
You feel like you’re tumbling
Anxieties are rushing
We fear the fall.


Lack to remember:
Once upon a time we HAD to learn how to fall
Learning the balance it takess to walk.


“Don’t let your milestones and trials be a thorn in your spirit. Instead, use the lessons as stepping stones.” #StuffRareSays


Sundays are always a great day to step back and reflect.
After this week, I think I’ll be doing JUST that.
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7 thoughts on “Break Away

  1. drnc11 says:

    New Year,
    new potential,
    new possibilities,
    new sensations,
    good vibrations.

    A new year
    enters into spring,
    flowers open again,
    the sun shines a path
    to possibilities.

    Sharp observations
    to learn about minds
    and endure sensations,
    fighting ignorance and laziness
    to achieve revelations.

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