Breaking Points

“In order to bring peace to your mind, you must first reach a healthy level of relaxation, focus, and clarity.”  #StuffRareSays
©rarenwise 2018

Breaking points: 

We all have them. One can only take so much before they burst. Simply remember to stop for a moment, breathe and let go. Sometimes our greatest losses are caused by tensions that can easily be let go of BEFORE allowing a moment of impact to create millions of moments in regret. To be honest, when we are angry, upset, sad or dissapointed we forget that there is a simple shift in our thought process that can be done. While we all tend to focus on the negative more, we let our positive moments slip through the cracks. As I’ve said in the past… Wthout the negatives we CANNOT have the positives so……..

“Let us see our blessings rather than our failings.” #StuffRareSays

Message to my poetic lovers:
Another poem coming tomorrow!!!



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