“It’s important to look outside our own selves every once in a while. Perspective gained creates healthy boundaries. When we neglect to perceive, we forget that other people’s lives don’t revolve around OURS. Life is hard enough as it is WITHOUT placing unrealistic expectations on some one. Don’t burn bridges.” #StuffRareSays

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As we grow we begin to realize that life isn’t…
Simple as it used to be.

We gain responsibilities.
We become adults.
We become parents.
We venture our journey.
We go through…
We either learn to accept that our friends, family and loved ones
have lives of their own.
Our connections sever.
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How life tosses us around, is strickly lifes business.
How we react to it…
Is on us.
How we treat our peeps knowing they have that life, schedule and responsibilities of their own speaks volumes.

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The most important thing we ALL need to learn is how to say no.
Sometimes our sanity, energy and self preservation depend on it. 
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“When we invest all of our energy into pleasing others, and going out of our way to always do for others, we ourselves will be unhappy. We are forgetting the most important aspect of all.
To tend to US.
An empty cup can only serve to drain us. “

You can’t be at your best without first refilling your cup.
Take care of YOU.

The most important thing we can do for our loved ones is love them for who they are.

The most dangerous act we can perform with our loved ones is lacking to understand their goals and ambitions are as equally important as ours.


Remember that the frustrations of others isn’t always directed at you.
Sometimes overwhelmed people snap.

“Healing begins when we feel heard.”

Be mindful with your loved ones. It CANNOT always be about US.
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12 thoughts on “Bridge

  1. Myth*. says:

    Another wonderful post filled with fairness and understanding! Boundries…are crucial for emotional health and well being. Yes. I respect your views very much, and how aware you are! Wonderful blog!

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