Can You Roll Into A Burrito 


Parenthood comes with many struggles. it also comes with many blesssings. 

Something I’ve learned throughout my journey through life and motherhood is that…if life is worth living, it’s also worth recording… BUT! If your not smiling through it all, and finding the humor in every situation, then you got  yourself an even more stressful situation. 

No! it’s not OK to make yourself your kids best friend, you need to be able to lay down the law. On the flip side, it’s also very important to have a small level of friendship with your kid. Why? Because if your kid can’t come home and have an after school talk sesh about their latest crush…EVEN if you don’t approve, you grit those teeth and you listen happily. Why? Because later in life, those small moments will turn into larger scenarios that they will NEED your advice for. 

Anyhoo, not like you need lecturing or anything but…. just thought I’d share a quick cute live moment with Sweet Pea While live streaming on, she was challenged to a burrito. Hehehe 

Brought  me back to times when I was a young child and my brother and I did BURRITO!  


Ahhhhh ….when life was simpler. 

Heyyy what’s your happy memory?


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