Our Little Secret 

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Confession: I greatly disrespect mothers who keep their kids from the dads. Why? Because when I found out I was pregnant with my first born, her dad dipped out and abandoned her. I spent years begging him to be a part of HER life, and after three to four years, I gave up. He popped up a year ago when she turned nine. Whaaaaat!? Why would someone do that you ask? (Speculation: He recently got engaged. Lets be real…. woman! Would you marry a man who could potentially dip out on you and your child? 😁Nah. Would you allow your daughter to marry a man who could possibly dip out on your future grandchildren? WELL…you get the point.) My conclusion: He wants to…you know….prove that dad of the decade role to his soon to be wife and her family. 

OK back to the point…

Being on that end of the spectrum, I see it this way:. Your darn good and lucky your baby daddy stuck by your kid from the start. Appreciate that, cause it could always be worse.

Ponder that thought for the day 😌☝

Catch ya on the next one 😎👐….


The Things Mom’s Go Through

Can I just first start by saying…..Motherhood: The struggle is REAL!

As you all know I have four kiddos. AHHHH! 😨 I just said four kiddos. In my household when one kiddo gets sick, the virus generally spreads through the family. Only, this time the virus lingered long enough that it’s cycling through once more. 😒

It started with little man #1. He was feverish, and spent a few days throwing up. Now, I’m usually pretty good at isolating the kids in order to keep everyone else healthy. Only, this time….


Hold for gruesome details … 😱

He THREW UP IN HIS SISTERS FACE 😰…..Horrified yet? …I’m talking in her mouth, all down her chest, and all OVER her face.

Yeh… I’m mortified. After cleaning up little baby blue, I knew she would be sick soon too. As the days went on, she got me sick as well. Meh. I thought I was dying. My throat hurt so horribly, I couldn’t eat or drink for days because swallowing was just too… excruciating.

Soooo… we spent all of last weekend miserable and dying.  Aha! The week passed on right …everyone’s better! Until Little man #2 is showing signs of the sickness too! DA FAWK! Didn’t you just dodge that bullet? Nope …. Not in this world MOMS so then … the cycle began. AGAIN!!!!

First little man #1 missed school yesterday, after throwing up the day before. Gawd! Imagine having to throw up in front of your classmates. NO!😔

What an ordeal. Poor guy. This morning, I have woken up to little baby blue sick again. Lord help me. HAPPY SATURDAY!🤒

I’ve spent all of my day thus far comforting a very unhappy little baby girl.


At least little man #1 is all better now, so we shall see if he attends his party. AND!!

I hope you enjoyed whatever it is I just did here…

Catch you on the next one…….


Did She Just Do That!

Ok, Let me just slap you with a little REAL. I’ll start by saying… As a mother I have some reflections about motherhood.

And here we go:

After having kids many woman tend to lose themselves along the way. Is this ok?

Not really. Why? Because there was never anything stating in the Motherhood Handbook that states Mothers are to be chained down, held back, nor slip through the cracks because they are mothers.

Whoah…What does that mean?

Everyone was put on this earth with a special gift. Whether we choose to pursue that lifelong destiny, or not we hold a purpose. Now, I’ll admit I’ve never been a “Betty Crocker” mom. I’m quite the unique character. I lead, I teach, and I test my children every day. About life and its inner musings. However, that still doesn’t mean that this lady doesn’t have personal goals. My determination and ambition is powerful.

OK, Ok, Ok I can hear you saying…”Get to the point Rare.”

The thing is, while that may be my situation… You have your own. Mothers sacrifice everything for their children. (You know what I mean)


As in yesterday’s post: It is extremely important for me to stress how vital it is to never forget about ourselves. Our very essence depends on it. Mothers! It’s ok to have a life, while still loving your children. They honestly go hand in hand. If mom is strained…So are the children. This next statement goes for EVERYONE if you’re not stopping to have some YOU time, you’re not taking care of yourself.


That’s it for now…. See ya on the next one.