“Maybe things will just be alright” #StuffRareSays

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“Spinning into a ball of mess.
Rationalizing every bit is thread.”
©Rarenwise 1-30-19

I knew I was fading away.
Spiraling into dismay.
Something had to be done
So …
I reached out.
To my fairy god mother that is
After a little hashing through
She set me straight
In the matter of a quack.

And so….

We move onto a reflective state.


“Don’t lose yourself along the way.” #StuffRareSays

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One day you’ll wake up and look in the mirror.
The person staring back at you is going to save you.
If you take a step further and look into those eyes…
You’ll ask yourself,
‘Who am I?
And ..
You’ll begin to search for them.

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The lights dim out, as the fire burns out.
It takes one fuse, to bring it out.
Fame burning bright.
The dust rolls in.

Smothering its life…
©Rarenwise 1-29-19


“Reaching out and falling short is a dark place to be.” #StuffRareSays

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Tear stained cheeks.
Beyond the mist.
A hardened mold.
As the darkness sets in.
©Rarenwise 1-28-19

Moving On


“When we are too busy neglecting our loved one’s, they are learning how to NOT need us. When we hurt our loved one’s, ties break.” #StuffRareSays

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Taken down.
An inevitable doom.
Knows no bounds.
Heart gets staked.
Cannot escape.
She siezes down.
In fear of the hound.
©Rarenwise 1-27-19