Flying Dust (Poem)

Photography © 2017 Amanda Gordon

Everybody wants a win
Too many decisions on a whim
Life isn’t a show.
We perform so great 
We forget our  role. 
While Smoke and mirrors; turn to dust 
We must Wake up or turn to rust.
Rarenwise 6-6-17
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Growing Cold (Poem)

Photography © 2017 Amanda Gordon

She lays alone.
Her seams unknown. 
He drains her soul.
She stands alone. 
Bravery sewn.
No one knows.
She grabs her pride.
Let’s him go.
For he is but 
A myth of old.
 © Rarenwise 5-30-17

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Assumptions Are Destructive

At some point we are all confused about our lives and direction. Take a moment to reflect. It helps gain perspective. #StuffRareSays


Man! I get super tired of being treated like… a pretty face is all I have to offer.


NO! people… telling someone their beautiful does not automatically deem you worthy of intimacy. 😬