I recently found out about a friend who.....

Power in Numbers (#Stuffraresays)

"Your morals and values shall only have meaning, if you put into practice what they hold." ©Rare-ity 7-6-16 Don't ever let yourself sell out for a single exception. The moment you allow certain behavior, is the moment you can kiss the historical value goodbye. Whether it is keeping true to your creations while writing a book, [...]

Strive For Better

"Effective leaders do not speak to others as though they are stupid." And "Integrity is an essential key to being a great leader." Have you ever had the drive to make a difference? Is it a passion? Does it keep you up at night? A friend and I got together Monday evening for a peaceful [...]

Friendly Reminder

I'm not really sure why I have two standing sites, but if you are viewing my posts with a pink site strip that is my new site. If you're seeing all my links in a blue site strip, you're in the wrong place. Most of you have moved over to the new site, but there [...]