“If all their doing is deporting people back to where they came from, then why are they sending them back, but taking their children?”

Are they trying to make our country look bad?
Are they making a statement?
A form of punishment? 

As they turn the adults away, they should also be turning the children away WITH their parents. Not separating them. 


Power in Numbers (#Stuffraresays)

“Your morals and values shall only have meaning, if you put into practice what they hold.” ©Rare-ity 7-6-16

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Don’t ever let yourself sell out for a single exception. The moment you allow certain behavior, is the moment you can kiss the historical value goodbye. Whether it is keeping true to your creations while writing a book, or drawing art. Building within your community etc.

Pay attention to your own inner-self. Does it feel right?

That’s what matters the most.

Message for my local readers: Fill those seats in the town meetings. We may have won this round, but your voices MUST be heard. Ask yourself NOW! Do you want your hometown community to become commercialized? Get in the know, and help preserve the magical beauty that pulses from within the mountain.

Parents: What kind of future do you want your children to live through?


Strive For Better

“Effective leaders do not speak to others as though they are stupid.”


“Integrity is an essential key to being a great leader.”

Have you ever had the drive to make a difference? Is it a passion? Does it keep you up at night?

A friend and I got together Monday evening for a peaceful walk. While walking we discussed the urges we had to get involved again. Lo and behold, the next day a town meeting was being held. So we went.

“What you project, returns seven fold.” 

We put out into the universe what we wanted. You can imagine it felt like destiny. However, it saddened me that only ten faces occupied the seats in that room. We all know there are more than ten peeps in a community. These ten people had the power of voice. Meanwhile, the rest of the community is sitting back kicking it with the wool thrown over their eyes.

The things is: Nothing will ever change for the better, if you don’t first step up to the plate and offer your input. Every individual is an important piece to the whole, and without that beautiful mind, no one would know.

The point: Get out there and get involved. Whether it be sitting quietly in a town meeting, or volunteering your time and energy for a non-profit. If you’re not willing to get your feet wet, you won’t ever learn to swim.

The community I live in, has always been a town JUST for adults. There is nothing fruitful for the youth. Truthfully, I’m in my thirties, and this town still offers nothing for me. Why? I don’t drink. that is the only entertainment this town offers. The glorious joys of kidney and liver damage. Yay for us!


There’s more to life.

Kids get into drugs, they become addicted, and then we have problems. We lose our youth to pure boredom. Even still, there is nothing fruitful. Ask yourself, do you want the future leaders of your community to be divided, or united. I posted a powerful post two days ago. It stated,

“United we stand, divided we fall.” (Click here to view post)

I’m a mother of four, and truth be told, we never have anything to do. We have to drive out-of-town to do anything substantial as a family, and that is quite frankly disappointing. It merely encourages us to move.

The bottom line: While making life fruitful for our youth may be MY  passion, everyone has their own drive. What is your drive? What’s stopping you from making it a reality?

Is the reality around you really the big picture? Yes…..No?

Make the difference that you would want to see!

Get involved, and fill those seats. Be part of something greater than yourself. Become a team.

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