Foodie Trickory

The best part of summer is taking your little ones out on adventures.  Since our vacation last week... ?(Hands on face. Oops! Spoiler alert! I know... I still have to post about it and showcase my lovely pictures.) We have been craving Thai food. Something we can't find in our hometown these days. What started [...]

Telemarketers: Why Do They Even STILL Exist.

Look! Telemarketers... This serves as my official message to all telemarketers First of all, why? ... Just why? "Hello, I'm going to call you and speak half English, part gibberish, and a third of 'I'm too nervous to really tell you why i'm calling'" You do realize When us consumers answer the phone, were going [...]

Success is a one way street.

  While out and about today for lunch, I came across a very thoughtful fortune cookie with a powerful statement. Don't you think? My step daughter is quite the stubborn one. She was kicked out of her moms house three years ago, and ever since has pretty much spent the last three years spiraling out [...]

Movin' On Up

When did Pomp and Circumstance (Graduation song) become a mash up with Star Wars? I am one to love me some Star Wars theme music, but at a graduation... Come on now... Darth Vader did not make these kids graduate. Meh! Now had the band played the song while the teachers walked on, that would [...]