Crystal's Tale (Sandy And Her Teenage Shenanigans)

"If you can't figure out where the root is, you wont be able to pull the weeds." ©Rare-ity 5-5-16 #stuffraresays  Jane sat at the dinner table with Sandy. Sandy had been struggling with some issues recently, but didn't understand why or know what her problem was. Teenagers these days. Sandy had gotten into trouble recently [...]

For Mother's … Unite!

Alrighty world, this post goes out to all my family friendly readers out there. Yes Mothers our special day is near. How many of you have been forgotten on Mothers day? "Shhh! I have." Meh! ... Today, that is besides the point. Being a mother... Well that sure is heck ain't no easy accomplishment (Yes [...]

Did She Really Just Say That?

Alright! It's Friday. Crystal's tale.... I know. I promised. (Rolling eyes in disappointment.) It's been a rough week. Appointments are becoming more trouble then their worth, and well... Dang it!  Let me tell you a little story about that struggle of motherhood I mention every once in a while. I have this beautiful, brilliant, ball [...]

Crystal's Tale (Part 8 Growing is The Game of Life)

Crystal sat on her bed with her pointer finger tapping gently on her chin. She carried the look of distaste on her face. Jane walked by her doorway peering in. Stopping in her tracks, she could feel the energy burning Bol from her daughters room. She had to ask, ” What’s that you got on [...]