Crystal's Tale Part 7 (Growing Pains)

As Crystal sat with her legs crossed on the bench. She watched her teammates run up and down the court. She covered her eyes and shook her head, as the tension rose. Their opponents were challenging them. Block after block, the game was getting intense. Only two points ahead, and the other team is gaining. [...]

Crystal's Tale (Part 6)

Crystal shifted in her seat nervously as her mother spoke with her teacher and librarian. She'd been worried all day about her fate. Crystal, was caught stealing library books for the third time. She didn't think it was fair to be allowed one book at a time, so she went against the rules, and tried [...]

January 1st ALREADY!…???

Its January 1st, and as promised and scheduled, today is the first day back at that novel. I've only woken up, and i'm sitting down with my wakey drink attempting to wipe the sleep out of my ENTIRE body. The newborn takes away from the sleep life 😉 and with the kids still home until [...]