Just… Follow Your Heart.

Hey you… Yeah you  Wyd? πŸ˜€πŸ‘ˆ  Get it?


I had this lovely conversation with … Hehehe  (you thought I was gonna name drop again didn’t you?) Bruh! 😍 that’s all I’ll say on the matter.

Oh how I enjoy our real moment talks. Anyhow, the topic came up. Our struggles and innermost demons. It made me reflect on a lot afterwards.

We all get placed in our lives with a gift. None like any others.

Don’t know what it is?

It’s that daily itch, passion, and drive whatever you want to call it, but it’s our desire, hobby, or niche. Our purpose is to follow that niche hard, steady, and consistently. I know, I know… Your probably thinking RARE that’s easier said than done. But… It’s not. Small steps matter every day. It is not your speed that determines whether you finish.

Example: I’ve been working on a novel for three years. At first I was discouraged. I kept telling myself I was never going to get it done. On the contrary, I started hashing out small storylines, until I turned it into a timeline, then started drafting the storyline wow things started to get real at that point. SO! I continued it into one larger story. Now a whole year after putting together a first draft novel, I’m ready to edit it. Blah! Tedious as that may be, I’m wrapped in a story once a week. Whether it’s one page or two… it’s progress. An inevitable achievement. While it’s been a furious three year journey dealing with the death of my father, grandfather, and loss of my brother (If you know me on a personal level, you know what the brother statement means.) Taking on the full weight of what’s left behind, and trying to figure out all these steps and goals. With other rocky situations off to the side (My muse knows exactly what that is about.😘🌹) I …still worked through it. Shoot! I still showed up on here just to do whatever it is I do here on our bloggerverse. (Ritu that was the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.)

Alright so now I’m rambling… Let’s get to the point.

That dream/talent we all have the potential to be amazing at …is what we should all be focusing our free time wisely on. Why? Cause it’s what we do best.

“You see, the key is that you keep with it. Despite the struggle, insecurities and failures. They are the most important part. You need those failures in order to grow.” #StuffRareSays

Who said this? “The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.”

It’s true ya know. Unless you stay on target, you just won’t… Get there.  Again it doesn’t, matter how slow you go…just keep going.

Those demons we carry inside of us, like to tamper with our success, and progress. Man! That negative self-talk we tell ourselves everyday… Sucks!

Important tips: ask yourself β€œWho am I.” On the daily until that answer comes to you. Once you do, look again, this time peering deep into your own soul. While in front of a mirror. Tell yourself, β€œI got this.”

Because you do.

BOOM! See ya on the next on….

Happy inspirational Tuesday!!!


Disclaimer: I do not release details of conversations I have. Merely the points.

Some days I just wanna….



I remember when BBB said it. She’d foolishly divuldged personal details of her life, thatshe couldn’t  take back form this vast virtual space that we call THE INTERNET. In my case, right here in my cozy little bloggerverse. But  I still strongly believe she didn’t foolishly share. This is why:

I know… It’s been three years, and well… despite how long all of you have travelled right alognside me in my journey, I’ve kept things quite the mystery.

Heres the thing…..

Many of my IRL (In reaal life) friends have made serious distinctions about me. Usually along the lines of, “You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.” Yeh… Fawk! I kinda do.

“I dont know how you do it, I’d have gone crazy by now.” Shit! my life has been a huge major…Toss up.

(funny concept: You’ll read that and know it was you who said it.)

Very few get the pleasure of meeting the real me. You know…that deep diver with an entire world  spinning around inside her head.

That Rareity that you’ve all grown quite fond of. There is a reason why. There are scars within me that run so deep, many couldnt walk in my shoes and return ….whole.


With many things weighing on me on a daily process, my greatest struggle, is never truly connecting with anyone who I can share that story with.

There goes that term again. “Story…whats that?”

Everyone has one. Skeletons, imprints, unfinished business (UGH!)

Whatevs! not gonna give you a play by play.

Alright!!! You ready for it…


Despite it all…everything I’ve gone through. No matter how many days I question my own existence and its purpose. My life is still….

                              “One furious burst of tribulations.”

So you can understand why I wont compete you, or others. If any single person took the time to actually get to know me, my presence will blow your mind.

Why? Not because i’m some cocky little twit who thinks they have a handle on life cause they can win over a guy, or has spectacular looks, or thinks they know it all….but….because ive lived through the brunt reality that the deepest and darkest corners of our world really has.

While you  may think monsters are pretend, or just simply somtething that lives  under a bed..

I know….that monsters can be real people.

Never forget: Wisdom is merely knowledge  gained through healed pain guys.

Being diffferent…. constantly marching to the beat of your own drum, causes you to stand out. That is Rare.

Get it! ….yeh….were getting closer.

if one can go through so much and come out still standing, continue to go through things, and you know….DEAL! so can you.

Every body has a journey, there unique story to tell. GAWD I feel like a broken record. Meowf! 

What deosnt kill you makes you stronger guys. I love and appreciate you all.

What helps me in a moment of impact:

  • Stop and breathe
  • Take ten seconds to process the situation before reacting to it
  • Reflect on all possible outcomes.
  • Think before you speak
  • Speak with resolve.


Your stronger then you think.

“You got this!”



Was It Worth It?

“We dislike in others that which we dislike in ourselves.”

Just a quick tidbit for you all based on an experience I had this past weekend:

Now, I’m not one for large social gatherings because one thing I’m determined to avoid is Drama overstimulation, and the overwhelming feeling of being swarmed by people.

As I forced myself to take my son to his friends party, I sat patiently, and calmly in my collective corner of the room. HeheπŸ˜πŸ˜‰ corner. (If you know me from Musical.ly you get that joke) only after a while I noticed another mom staring me down as if plotting how she would make me her next meal.😁”If looks could kill.” πŸ™„  meeeeeeeeeeep…. Me refraining from stooping to her level, I have plenty of things I could criticize about her. Except, what would be the point in that?

  1. Does it solve the worlds crisis’ by hating on others?
  2. Does it solve world hunger to put forth all your energy into giving another dirty looks?
  3. Does it change the state of our world by continuing to play into the chaos that has befallen it?
  4. Are we saving the world by hating the world?

Ok well… You get my point.

In our world, many of us face adversity. Oftentimes, too many of us. On any given day of the week, situations should NEVER slip into a racial us versus them. Why? Because why in the world would that mean anything?

Races… Simply a culture. Cultures that breed the most beautiful traditions, whether your Spanish, Irish, Japanese, Indian, Arabic, Portuguese, German, African, Mixed breed etc. you add the rest….. The only thing any of us should really be doing is desiring to understand, and love to learn about so many beautiful worlds we have yet to discover. Now real quick… Let’s back track πŸ‘ˆMixed Breed~~~~~~~~~~hmm… DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY OF US IN THIS WORLD ARE MIXED NOWADAYS!?

Alright, before I start sounding like I’m telling you all off. πŸ‘€ I’ll stop right there.

For whatever reasons I don’t know, I spent a very awkward two hours getting stared down. At the bottom line: it didn’t serve her any good to do that to me, and it’s not going to solve any of her life struggles to pass that pain onto anyone else.

My reflection:

If you’re hurting, and feeling bad about yourself, smile. Even when it hurts. You’ll feel better, and people around you won’t feel inclined to dislike you. Passing unresolved issues about ourselves, on others doesn’t heal the wound, it only breeds the wound. Love yourself and others. It is the only way we can change history. Believe in yourself first and foremost, and you won’t have the need to make others feel down. If you yourself  focus on your goals, your inner happiness will start to shine.

At the end of everyday, you must ask yourself….. Was that mad dog everything you were looking for in breeding an evil heart.? Or was that smile worth the souls you lifted today?

It’s  all in the perspective. Guys… You hold they key. The power is yours

See ya on the next one….