In The Hands Of Destiny

“Stop searching. Be patient. Trust the timing. Our ONE isn’t someone that we find or carefully pick and choose. That is out of our hands. Our ONE is binded to us and will surface when we DEFINITELY don’t expect it.” #StuffRareSays

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Let me first start by saying…

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Today is the day that we honor the Patron Saint Valentino

 While, many of us are playing that romance game that today brings upon us,
there is also something we should all keep in mind.

Love isn’t about ONE DAY a year.


Making sure you have a special someone for that ONE DAY a year.

It is about all the little things that add up every day of the year that make a relationship what it is. While, it’s great to celebrate a holiday, don’t forget to find ways to express your endearment for your loved ones and/or our own selves more often and without a holiday looming over you.

Enjoy your day fam.

This morning my Lish beat everyone to the punchline with her bright smiles and crack of dawn messages…






Learn From It

“We CANNOT have integrity…
Without accountability.” #StuffRareSays


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Friendly Reminder!!!

It says a lot about OUR character when we shift blame for our OWN shortcomings onto another.

If WE cannot take accountability for our own part in things, we will be doomed to repeat the same lessons until they are learned.

Lessons in life are meant to teach us..
Showcase how “RIGHT” we are.

Either we learn
Lose out.

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There Are Always Two Sides To the Coin

“It is up to THEE individual to do the right thing” #StuffRareSays

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NO ONE should be given the power to dictate what a MAN or WOMAN should do with their bodies.

That SHOULD ONLY be in OUR power.
Because they are OUR …

We can either sit around and blame a state representative for making a decision that SHOULDN’T even be his to make in the first place…
Understand that WE ALL have a right to our OWN choices
When it comes to our bodies 
People are going to do what they are going to do. 

It Is NOT our place to say.


It is their cross to bear.

They do the right thing…
The wrong thing…
Stems from what they hold within their own hearts.


As it is also NO ONES place to judge those decisions
It also reflects poorly on a person who casts the judgment.


Face our reckonings.




Inner Self


“Don’t forget to take care of you.” #StuffRareSays

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I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I took one serious break with posting this weekend. I took some much needed time for myself, and spent some much desired time with the kiddos. Not to mention I’ve picked up a couple more shifts at work and with the New Year in tow, I’m booked with meetings and meetings GALORE for that bigger picture grind.

Which means, I’M A SUPER HERO

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I have been pretty bogged down though.

The thing is: It’s ok to be … “BUSY” but it’s not OK to… NOT take a break.

We all need them. (See Respite)


Were super mom or super dad.
Employee of the month
Community activist of the year.

We MUST not only take time for us, but we must also do something outside the box by breaking free of our daily routine.

What does that mean?

Doing something we wouldn’t do on a daily basis.
So drop everything and free yourself from your typical fast track routine by disconnecting from it all.

Without perspective and reassessment we cannot be our BEST self.


We need a break from our kids to be a better parent.
We need a break from work to be a happier employee


We need a break from life to resurface whole.

Even if for an hour…
We must always take our inner self into consideration.