Clarity Of The Mind

“Nothing noursishes the soul quite like the calm and blissful serenity of a quiet and still moment.” #StuffRareSays

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Do you hear that?
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I’m gonna say it…

You’ve probably said it!

Were ALL saying it…
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The kids are back in school!!!
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 I love my kiddos beyond measure.
We all love our kiddos beyond measure.
It is especcially awesome when we get extra time with them.


When your work space and home space are combined…
Getting work done can become…
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Quite challenging during holiday breaks.

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Like y’all didn’t know.

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One of my greatest tribulations during this two week break has been the constant struggle to distract and quiet down the little guys
To slip into my writer zone. 

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Do you know how hard it is to convince a kiddo to play quiet time for longer than 10 minutes?!
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The hardest part about being a writer WITH deadlines is…
Falling behind.
The hardest challenge an artist faces is…
Being pulled out of their mode. 

One does not simply sit right back down and…

Whether your a woodcarver, painter, writer, musician, etc.
You get it.

And so…

A bittersweet yet relieving moment this morning.
As I watched those cutie patooties walk out the door
Embark on their New Year
Fresh start.
Finishing off their school year…
With a bang!

As the house grew quiet, I began to soak in the peace of mind and clarity that fills a steadied soul.  

The lesson:
We ALL need ME time.
Without it we cannot be our best selves.
Even a break from our kiddos
Is crucial 
To be a better parent.
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With that said,
I’m going to embark on our first official week of the year
back in the…
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For now…
lets fill up another cup and refuel our souls together.Bitmoji Image

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