Day Wreckers

“Those who strive to dull your sparkle, are not meant to orbit around you.”


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And so…..

If you have one of these types of people in your daily life….

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Message for my fellow creators:

“Anyone who justifies wrecking your…MODE…does not deserve to bask in the glories of it holds.”

3 thoughts on “Day Wreckers

  1. April Wren says:

    I have a few of them I work with. They’re negative people and give the office a negative vibe if they’re all in together. I’ve removed them from my Facebook and taken myself off of their WhatsApp group and feel better for it. They’re the type who never ‘like’ anything you do or comment and you know they’re slagging you off behind your back though I can’t prove it. And are probably the reason I can’t get any further along in my job. Sorry, I’m waffling!! But I know what you mean. ?

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