Dear Mom & Dad

“We all have our downfalls. At times we crash and burn. We take our hits, keeping moving on, and hope to carry our lessons along.” #StuffRareSays

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Been thinking about you lately,

I’ve been experience a lot of what I’d lke to call…..
Oftentimes, they’ve left me reeling and on my knees.
Not literally
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While I’ve made wins and taken my losses.
Through it all,
I’ve overcome
I have learned to live life without you.

“Some days are harder than others.”

Today, was just….one of THOSE days.

I miss you.
I said it.
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Got me thinking…

The small things in life are what keep us going,.
We often take for granted
Lack to realize
It is in those gestures that has the greatest impact.

Where there was once  help,
There is not.
Where there was once love,
It is gone.
Where there was once reassurance,
There is none.
Once there was guidance
I’m on my own.
©Rarenwise 12-14-18
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5 thoughts on “Dear Mom & Dad

  1. countvader says:

    Your never alone, they’re watching and guiding you still. Through their lessons you practice, teach and live by. They shine through you.
    And then there’s me 🙂

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