Discovering The World From Within 

Photography © 2017 By Amanda Gordon

   “Oh the desire to discover the world. Only a young mind can truly enjoy it’s purity.”#StuffRareSays 

Do you ever feel like after all those punches life throws at you, you tend to lose your youthful heart. 🤔 

I’ve given that one some thought. And the only conclusion I’ve come to terms with is… Well.. I mean.. 

Let’s dig deep for a moment. Do you remember all your firsts?🤔😍😎😘🙄😆😜😂

Everything is always so much more exhilarating the first time around. My undying question has always been: Is it because it’s the first time or do some experiences honestly imprint on you 🤔

Or 😱

After so many attempts at experiences, a desire to fulfill a feeling, regain a feeling, re live a feeling, or maybe even gain closure on things that had never ended in the first place. 😧whoah would that be considered “Unfnished business”?  What does that even mean people😏 

Really tho… 

Do we just lose that spunky edge, and childish whim after so many life experiences? 

Well, I’m off to ponder these thoughts for now. 

Meanwhile, I wonder if….

“As we grow, lifes forces us to forget our most purest state of mind.” #StuffRareSays

 Happy Inspurational Tuesday 😎🤘

As always… See ya on the next one.


7 thoughts on “Discovering The World From Within 

  1. true12imam says:

    Actually we never loose anything! we just gain new ones in my opinion.
    like when we finish our childhood, it’s time to be a teenager, youth after that and senility at last which would be the calm and peaceful level of our lives with a lot of experiences to tell.
    You know, my nature wouldn’t allow me to call the old ages final level! there’s an excitement for being immortal in my inner soul deep down! and that’s why I believe wherever is a need its answer also should exist. because I don’t know any need in human being than can not be quenched. Do you?

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