Don’t Be That Person

Everyone has an opinion. Those thoughts, and views are just as valid as or own:

“When we listen to others, we learn. When we interupt others to boast our views we are failing ourselves. Wisdom is knowing we don’t know everything, and that we can learn something from everyone we meet. Be humble.” #Stuffraresays

The most unattractive trait I’ve seen is someone who is so absorbed in themselves and their own thoughts that when you speak they MUST interrupt you because despite hearing everything your about to say, they believe YOUR WRONG!

However, it’s even more distasteful to get mad at a person for STILL trying to finish speaking what you’ve interrupted, by telling them how they are interrupting you.

No one is lesser, or more.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Be That Person

  1. Be The New You For (4) You says:

    I Like This Article! content is good, very positive, inspirational! Sawing which is really important in life! 🙂

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