I’ve heard one of the most dangerous games to play is closing your eyes again after your alarm goes off.    but, what happens if you close your eyes THIRTY minutes before your alarm goes off? Apparently slip right back into REM sleep. ……. I awoke with a start after realizing  I’d fallen asleep for so long. Only, to see 6;57 on my watch.

“What the F***” 

I promise you it felt like two hours later. I’d witnessed many dreams in that almost thirty minutes of my life. 

Lately, I have been having dreams about certain people who seem to consistently show up in my dreams. To be honest, nothing is more eerie than consistently seeing someone in your subconscious mind that you wouldn’t think about in your waking life.

“OK universe what kind of mind games are we playing now?!”  

14 hours to go until the big 4 years!! 

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