This past weekend, one of our neighbors had been touching up the exterior of a mobile home they rent out. It is evident they will be getting new tenants soon. I really enjoy the color they’ve turned the exterior. In fact, when we first moved into our home, that was the color I wanted to paint ours.

This may be such a simple detail, but it honestly i got into one of my reflective mode.

“It doesn’t matter how much energy you put into your exterior. The inside will always be the same.” #StuffRareSays

Here’s the thing

Beauty is not determined by what we are on the surface. A pretty face, or a sexy body might be great for a moment, but  when you don’t  develop a bond with someone, you will most definitely not  enjoy an experience with that someone.

Before I digress:

A beautiful face also does not mean a beautiful heart. Some of the most attractive people you will meet have the most ugliest hearts you will ever see, and those who obtain inner AND outer beauty are quite the Rareity’s.

The point:

  1. You can spend your life working hard at  perfecting your outer beauty, but at the end of the day, your personality is what will either attract or detract people from your life.
  2. It will never matter how much make up you slather on your face, your still the same person underneath the mask.
  3. It doesn’t matter how much midriff you reveal, your still the same person with or without the sexy clothes.

Therefore, judging people by their appearances can be damning not only to the person being judged but by the people judging them.


Visual creatures or not, Is that really all that matters to you?

Male or female 

Your outside may always change, but  what you carry inside will NOT .

Keep It Real

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