Friendly Reminder

I’m not really sure why I have two standing sites, but if you are viewing my posts with a pink site strip that is my new site. If you’re seeing all my links in a blue site strip, you’re in the wrong place. Most of you have moved over to the new site, but there are a few of you who have bounced back and forth. There may be some confusion with the blog reader. I think it is directing you to the blue site.

I had actually wrote a great post about leadership, and what not. Of course Glitches HAD to happen, and I saved it as a draft, but long behold IT DIDN’T SAVE! … And…  Now i’m bugged. I lost my thought process, and my entire post. Meh! I promise that when I clear my head again i’ll post it. Thanks 🙂

Pink site strip: Right place

Blue site strip: Go to the pink one. (It’s pink because I can’t change colors now :/ MEOWF!

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