Get Your Foot Out Of Your Mouth

I stumbled upon a post on Facebook yesterday, and well… gotta love Facebook right?

Where you are faced with some of the most ignorant people you’ll ever encounter. What’s Interesting is,  people are so brave behind a computer screen yet so scared to voice those insults face to face. I’ve had people insult me online, yet kiss my behind in public IN PERSON.

Either way, I saw a woman posting negative responses to people in the thread. Anyone who was in support of the posters comment, was “Insulted” by a woman who in her mind thought telling people they are uneducated was going to make her superior AND her opinions better. An opinion that didn’t get voiced because her more important goal to insult people was… ALL SHE DID.

Although, I could sit here and bash some random woman and her claims, but truthfully,

let’s get real


Be careful who you go around calling names/insulting/degrading. You might get schooled in a very EDUCATED WAY.

“It is those who believe others are uneducated, that are truly uneducated themselves.”#StuffRareSays

Educated people know, that they DON’T know  everything.


A wise man knows one’s knowledge, or eduction is not based on eating fast food versus eating healthy food.

For the love of gawd! If you think people are uneducated because they choose healthy living and eating over eating fast food…. Re evaluate your life.

In any circumstance, if you want your opinion to be seen and heard, never throw inaccurate accusations at people.

The question you must ask yourself is, “Do you want to be taken seriously, or do you want to look like a two-year old throwing your arms and legs around, and stomping on the ground during their tantrum, screaming and shouting whatever they can to JUST. BE. HEARD?


If you don’t know someone DO NOT assume things about them, that’ll land you in a dark corner with the largest foot shoved up your mouth you may never be able to pull back out.

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