“Even though I was swarming in chaos, he still managed to sweep through and get my attention.” #StuffRareSays

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Yesterday was such a busy day for me.
1. Getting up early to brush though Baby blue’s wet hair.
2. Snagging a few extra cuddles in before the kiddos headed off.
3. Getting a blog post up before heading out to work.
4. Get to work.
5. Leaving work early to propose a project at a board meeting.
6. To head back to work for a double.

During dads……

You know.

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5 Year Anniversary

It’s always nice to keep yourself busy but Wow!
Do I wish I could have taken a few moments to…
You know, spend on him.

Then it happened:

“I set a glass of ice water down on the counter to help a customer. Somehow, it managed to slide steadily off A FLAT SURFACE. My reflexes are impeccable. I attempted to catch the glass but with the force of the “slip” the glass was GONE. After a failed attempt to catch the suicidal cup of water, a hovering presence washed over me. In what I’d like to call a frozen moment. I’d felt DAD.”

A friendly reminder that our loved ones are always with us.
They live in us.
They pulse through us.
They stand with us.

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