Inner Self

“For she would no longer allow him to dull her sparkle furthermore.” #Stuffraresays

Too many woman destroy themselves by being unaware of their own potential.

Sadly, many put their own happiness in the hands of men. AS if, being in a relationship is whats going to make the world better.   I mean, men do this too. Humans are complicated creatures OK!

Truth be told:

WE hold the power to our own lives.

If things in your life are stagnant, make change. If life is cracking down on you and turning you upside down, don’t complain about it, act on it.

No, if your relationship isn’t working, creating problems in your life, move on. Work on moving on, focus on moving on, and your personal growth.

No! Getting with someone while your still with someone also doesn’t solve any problems either.

That’s like saying you can jump 100 feet onto another ship straight from another in the sea and actually make it.

You wont!


Taking care of ourselves is sooo important. If we aren’t taking some time on the daily to improve our lives, thoughts, and habits then what really are we doing with our lives? We ALL need quiet time. Most importantly, we ALL need to be embracing our passions more. whether you’re a wood-carver, writer, actor, musician, artist, etc. If you think time is a hindrance, you’re fooling yourself.

“By neglecting your passions,you’re neglecting YOU. Focus on YOU and everything will fall into place.” 

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