It Started With A Snap

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What can I say. The decision made to shut down my son’s school really ripped my heart to shreds, that I’ve been such a… space case lately.

So many people carry the mentality that it’s ALWAYS the parents fault if a kid is struggling at school.

“When there are two sides to a coin, AND you only see one, you are failing yourself.” #StuffRareSays #Melasophical 

You could have the best parents ever, and still have a f****** up experience as a kid outside of the home.

Yeah! that’s a loaded topic. So… Let’s just NOT got there.

In respect to school, eight hours a day, your kids are in the hands of someone else.

Confession: That scares the shiboli out of me?!

However, because your kids are cooped up in a classroom out of their parents care for those eight hours, they should also have proper supervision during those hours.

AS parents we have to worry about a few things: 
1. Are our kids safe?
2. Are they learning?
3. Are their moral values being reinforced?
4. Etc.

Which is why it is sooo important for teachers and parents to work TOGETHER, NOT against each other.

But wait…

Did you catch the underlining meaning there?

The key to learning/education/success/you name it:  
Active collaboration on both ends.

Having experienced several schools in my community, and knowing what failed for me with the other schools, they all held onto a common red flag. Lack of proactive communication.

Therein lays the crux

Don’t place such a large barrier between the teacher and parents … duh!

I love the involvement that TIS institutes. It truly makes a difference.

Parents are closely connected with the teachers, and rather than finding out the day a report card comes out, we find out weeks before that our kids may be struggling in areas.

OMFG!! Who knew your kids could succeed better IF THEIR TEACHERS COMMUNICATE WITH THE PARENTS Consistently!!

I remember what it was like to grow up in Taos, as the not brown enough yet not white enough jeurita who didn’t fit in anywhere. I watched my first-born child get picked on every day at school for the same reasons.

I suppose it breaks your heart as a parent when your kid comes home crying because she’s… Not… Dark enough to fit in.

NOW! If any of y’all teachers come through to defend your school because you’re this great or that’s this great….


HOLD UP!! Let me just say, there are some brilliant teachers out there. I happen to appreciate TIS’s teaching methods, and well! RITU you are the bomb dot com girl. You’re the kind of teacher that brightens up the world.

Aigh’t! Vent over.

Been having those dreams again. You know, the ones where I see dad. I always end up… Home.

Unseen words and subtleties
Messages from within the deep
Something missing for my eyes to keep
A Lingering essence begins to creep
As the story unfolds and the shadows reap
I reach for you and the connection grows weak
@Rarenwise 4-20-18

Boom! Happy poetry month.

It started like this:
My morning snaps piled through from all my streaks and all my peeps. Only, this time…

One was different.

A “Good Morning.”  Message from Lia. I miss her. EVERYDAY! Our relationship has always been quite intriguing. We tend to show up during each others darkest moments like clockwork. 

An hour later, my bro called me with the most hopeful news. I just wanna reach my arms around my big bro and hug him tight, not let go, and low-key smack him in the back of his head and say, “Don’t do that again!” 

Later that day,  I saw my brothers good friend. He’s always been like a big brother to me, which means I care. Obviously. Seeing him doing better… Not gonna lie. Is legit a defining moment. 

After four years of being scattered all over,  This series of moments resonates with me.

Mom went first, but after we lost dad… We didn’t just lose mom and dad… We lost each other.

The Point: Know who to keep in your life. Toxicity is a silent killer. Take special care in yourself to choose your companions, friends, partnerships, and circles wisely because they will either make you, or break you.

Interesting tidbit: 
I had to seriously step outside my comfort zone to run for council. Bruh!

With that said, believe in yourself and take some risks, because nothing good ever comes out of sitting comfortably inside your comfort zone.

Rarebear out!
 on the next one.

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