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Time is love:

“We do not need to drain our bank accounts to show our loved ones how much we LOVE them, and WE do not need to battle it out with others just to get that “perfect” gift.”

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Life is the gift
We often take for granted.
Time is of the essence
We often lay to waste.
Love is a blessing
We search for all our lives.
Memories are the power.

We wield and shape.
Our presence is the weight
That carries whats at stake.
Happiness is a the choice
We can make everyday.
©Rarenwise 11-23-18

I’ve never been a fan of the Black Friday Sales. However, I do tend to take advantage of the Amazon deals online. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can usually find yourself some good deals without having to go out in all that chaos.




7 thoughts on “Keep In Mind

  1. Self Empowerment Lifecoach says:

    Giving of ourselves through actions of love should be on a daily basis. Material things are nice but they don’t replace the feeling of giving and receiving love. Knowing someone cares enough to either talk, smile, laugh, embrace and/or accompany you in life’s journey is key.

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