Keep It REAL

A lot of you have asked me what’s going on. I’ve been distant again.  slipping away and off into the dark abyss.

I am really trying to keep up with consistency, but I am split in too many directions currently, and I’m spent.




Take away:

No two people in this world are the same. Which means, no two people agree on the same things. HELLO! that is the big picture. Whether you’re a sibling, wifey, hubbs, best friends, BFF, ride or die… ALRIGHT! You get my point.

“Life would be a very boring place if EVERYONE AGREED.”

The key:

“True leader’s understand how to compromise, know ALL points are valid, and have the wisdom to brainstorm those differences to find ways to make a goal work.” 

 On the next one……

8 thoughts on “Keep It REAL

  1. Jixi Fox says:

    I can co sign this post… same here. It’s rough and tough, but try our best… and best the best is all you are giving with what time you have… I believe in you

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good work! Don’t beat yourself up, It’s hard to get everything done. I have a blog plus 2 kids, a move to a foreign contry, and a freelancing business and I STRUGGLE to keep up!

    • RareBear says:

      Thank you i needed to hear that. Knowing that we aren’t Alone pushes us more positively

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