“It takes only a few seconds for our lives toΒ change forever, it is in those moments that we can either cower, or take reign. The difference lays within the choice.

In our lives we all have a choice. Whether we want to make a difference, or just ride along and be OK with the choices made for us. When we allow those choices to be made for us, they are not always uplifting, but also made through injustice. Let today be the day that you decide to make a difference. As stated in a post earlier this week,

“Stand up for a brighter future.”

As the CW is now promoting, stand to defy.

Against the divide.
Against injustice.
Against cultural rifts.
Against Environmental degradation.

Maybe we can all leave this post today striving to…

“Put the UNITY back into COMMUNITY.”

4 thoughts on “Lead

    • RareBear says:

      It is sad. Hopefully Those who don’t have their head in the sand can stumble upon thos post and hear their calling

  1. Be The New You For (4) You says:

    Indeed! Together we can rise! Let’s put unity back but not in only in the community! Let’s put unity back in humanity because the biggest lost of the world now is that people are losing their humanity for one or another reason! πŸ™‚

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