ME time is Crucial To Self Care

I gotta admit, this past weekend was quite eventful. Between supporting a good friends brother, meeting new people, chillen’ with acquaintances. I had PROJECTS!!! Ahhhh  I’m beat.

Therefore, I must apologize: I went out Friday night hehe for ME, spent all weekend re-arranging our house for US, and made plans for our summer for FUN!!
We were completely beat by the end of the weekend. So beat, we all piled up into a family  snuggle and started the second series of “Series Of Unfortunate Events.” Quite frankly this was the best way to end our weekend.

With a goofball in the corner

I often get asked, “How do you do it?”

Hehehe Do what?

Toggle my career? Raise kids? Live the mom life? Teach the kids ALL about LIFE? Handle life? Have a life outside of…the life? …. Through time management.

Most importantly: We should ALL understand that we as individuals require


Without it, you will lose yourself a long the way.

As a mother of four I’ve learned a lot about self-care, and why as a mother it is super important to take care of yourself in order to be a good mother. Motherhood/fatherhood/parenthood  in no easy feat, and comes with many stressors. which means, if left be, can really fester. Get out there, Go out with your girlfriends, or alone, and gain your piece of mind. 

Whether you’re looking at it in respect to your relationship, parenthood, careers, or friends… As humans we are naturally inclined to give away all of our energy away to the people around us, and the projects that we tackle.

Not that it’s a bad thing… It’s important to remember that you too must take care of you. It’s crucial to put energy into healthy relationships with those in your life, but if you’re not putting any energy into taking care of YOU , none of your relationships will be healthy, and you’ll never know the TRUE you

For now, my brain is still tired. With love! on the next one.

7 thoughts on “ME time is Crucial To Self Care

  1. Self Empowerment Lifecoach says:

    Giving of ourselves through actions of love should be on a daily basis. Material things are nice but they don’t replace the feeling of giving and receiving love. Knowing someone cares enough to either talk, smile, laugh, embrace and/or accompany you in life’s journey is key.


  2. SonniQ says:

    As you get older what keeps you busy will change but the intensity should not. I think one of the best way to live is to keep the same amount of plates spinning as you cycle through your life. Some people think they will retire at some point and slow down, but I have found my life just keep changing and I change with it. God luck with yours.

  3. AprilEsutton says:

    Especially important for busy women. You know there are women out there who think they are to essential to everyone and everything to take me time. Maybe coming from someone as busy as you, they will get a clue.

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