Motherhood Wears Many Hats

I had started belting out a different post last night. The George R. R. Martin encounter,     but I was also helping my son with his workbook.

I think I’ve mentioned that I’ll most likely be home-schooling my kids next year.

Confession: It is really hard to focus on writing, when your kiddo is still learning how to read, and in need of your constant help to move forward on homework. so….I had to put it down. Zone lost. 

“Funny, so many people treat that concept as if it’s going to be such a hard task for me to do.” 

Breaking it down:
I’ve been working with “School Zone” workbooks since my first-born was three years old. She used to see her momma doing her college homework, and wanted to be part of all that glorious learning. I had started with coloring books, and even word puzzle books, but they just weren’t her speed. Until, I discovered “School Zone” The first book I bought her was a preschool book which she was already attending.

We cruised through that book so quickly, we were onto the Pre-K book pretty so fast.


By the time she was old enough to go to Kindergarten she was already starting the first grade workbook.

Therefore, school became a breeze for her. Every year thereafter, we worked out of the book in the summers for each grade BEFORE the grade.

The only downfall that occurred, was since she already knew what she was doing, and the schools refused to challenge her, she got bored a lot.

We all know what stems from boredom…..

That girl!

The point:
Unlike Sweet Pea, I didn’t start Honey Bear on the books as early. I honestly didn’t intend to start him on them at all. I didn’t want him falling into the same trap as she did with boredom at school. Until, the PEC doomed 250 families. Therefore, I started up again.

Teaching the kids outside of school has always been quite a forte in my realm of motherhood. Truth be told, I probably should have become a teacher, but I’m perfectly content teaching my own. 

As this school year winds down, I’ve been heavily focusing on teaching my son out of the same grade he’s currently in, in order to cross reference. He’s done pretty well I must say.

Since, I’m still playing around with the home school choice, I’ll be moving both boys forward within the next three weeks, and continuing on with their education at home as I’ve done so successfully in the past.

Taking an hour out of each day to work with your kids, is not a lot to ask for. WE parents can ALL manage it within our busy schedules.

I once heard a lovely quote that stuck with me,

“It’s not that we don’t have time for things, or people. It’s about where our priorities lay.”

 When I hear people say, they don’t have time to read a book, or pursue their hobbies, or spend time with their friends, etc. I don’t hear their plea for time but rather, how that isn’t necessarily a priority of theirs.


This mom of four has tons on her plate. Between the mom of four gig, full-time blogger, an activist for my community, holding a position of leadership in several organizations. taking care of family affairs, showing up to meetings, having ME time, LIFE, daily stressors, giving my friends time, and much more….

I know all too well, that it is simply all about time management.

so… for all those nay sayers …

Stop worrying about what I can or cannot do.

“We should focus on watering our own garden before deciding we know what’s best for another’s.” #StuffRareSays

I got this!

While this may sound redundant, it’s a very important point to keep making.
Guys give yourselves the love you need to thrive. When we neglect our own needs, through poor time management, we slowly destroy ourselves.

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