One Small Voice

“Even the smallest voice can have the largest impact.” #StuffRareSays

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One year ago today….

“I can still remember the feeling of dread that washed over parents as the PEC made their decision to close OUR children’s school.”




After months of fighting for the school to stay open, our school finally won. While, many of us had our small victories in, around, and/or involving the final outcome, it was quite the glorious victory when it was all said and done. The situation also showed us what the reality of what “ONE SMALL VOICE” can truly do.

With those “ONE SMALL VOICES” becoming “UNITED VOICES” a large impact was made.


And now….

We move forward with not only a victory, but another year of good feels, and holiday cheer.
Good listens
Such as “One Small Voice” Featured in last nights program.
A heartfelt moment, for many. 


Leaving behind…..


A concept

It only takes one thing to shape a brighter community/society/world.
A simple shift in mentality.
YOU can!
WE can!
I can!
TOGETHER we prevail.

WE don’t always need to be in love with someone to love them for who they are. Some of the greatest friendships evolve from loving people for who they are, and not what we expect them to be.

Remember “The crayon box”

Without one variation, we cannot have the other.

Let us not look at others for why they are different, but rather how well they complement us by being different.
Theiren lays the key:
Coming together.
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