Passing Time

This morning, I prepare myself and my kiddos, to head out to my cousins funeral. I honestly, don’t have a whole lot to say to you today other than.

“Today is precious, and tomorrow is never promised.”

It’s been quite a nerve-wracking week. Between trying to process the loss, and being super swamped with work, AND putting off some of that work this weekend, I can honestly say, I’m spent.

Although I most definitely do not regret putting off work on the weekend to break free, because ME time is always valuable. I needed that time to process things, within good company.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned over the last several years, is:

No matter what role people play in your life, those in your life will either be there for you and supportive of you, or not at all.


My Message:

Know your people. eliminate the toxic ones, and be true to yourself. Your peace will come from within. #Stuffraresays

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