Peaceful Perspective

In light of what is happening around us these days, locally, and nationally, I thought it fitting to remind people just how simple, yet highly important it is to slow down and change our perspective.

“This is OUR world.”
Not yours,
Not mine
Not his
Not hers
Not them
Nor us.


Together, we can live, fight, breathe, save, change, empower, and lead.

Rather than forgetting the common ground that we all stand upon, let’s remember where we are all tied.

The tether that binds us all.

Living in peace doesn’t take much effort, just a simple shift.

“One small ripple can create waves.” #stuffraresays

For too long now, people have been left to believe that their voice doesn’t matter.

It does!

One small voice can change the world. Speak up.

Imagine if we all got together and fought together for peace among other causes… 

The divide.

Truth be told, this so-called “divide” is man-made.
Next time your driving somewhere, take notice of the scenery.

Let’s take for example: A roadside mountain view, with a river, and lots of trees, grass, rocks, etc. Surrounding the water. The sky clear with soft clouds dancing by. A peaceful day full of prosperity.

Without that water, we cannot have those trees. Without the rocks, the water cannot tame. Without the sky and clouds you cannot see more rain. Without that mountain there is no solidarity. Without the water, we would not have… LIFE.


They create the view. REAL TALK! If that scenery cannot survive nor thrive without each variable, how do we expect to do the same without each other.

There is no divide. Only, the one created by perspective. We all come from the same place, and end up there too. The only difference, is our unique abilities and traits. OBVIOUSLY! Because who wants to be the same? 

“We are born with the choice of good or evil inside of us.”

“There are two voices in us.”

“Which voice wins?”

“That is the only battle that matters.”

At the beginning of every day, when you make that choice within yourself… How your day is going to be, how you will treat others, what your goals are, how you’ll use your time… just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.


Therein lays the difference.

See ya on the next one. I’m off! 

8 thoughts on “Peaceful Perspective

  1. mike says:

    Do you believe that our voice is harnessed by our memory of the past? For instance, my father was opinionated and needed to be right. Now, I have a need to be right but have no voice.
    I’m getting there.
    Thank you for your beautiful work.
    Love alwaz

    • RareBear says:

      Yes. We carry remnants from our past and our present in everything we do. It took me a very long rime to find my voice, but when I did… I become a powerful driving force.

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