Power in Numbers (#Stuffraresays)

“Your morals and values shall only have meaning, if you put into practice what they hold.” ©Rare-ity 7-6-16

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Don’t ever let yourself sell out for a single exception. The moment you allow certain behavior, is the moment you can kiss the historical value goodbye. Whether it is keeping true to your creations while writing a book, or drawing art. Building within your community etc.

Pay attention to your own inner-self. Does it feel right?

That’s what matters the most.

Message for my local readers: Fill those seats in the town meetings. We may have won this round, but your voices MUST be heard. Ask yourself NOW! Do you want your hometown community to become commercialized? Get in the know, and help preserve the magical beauty that pulses from within the mountain.

Parents: What kind of future do you want your children to live through?


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