Red Flags

Relationship 101:

“If the father of your children throws a fit when faced with the role of parenthood, whether you’re in a relationship or not, HE is most definitely not worth relying on. Point blank.” #StuffRareSays 

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“Whether it be a relationship, friendship or family member, you cannot help things run smoothly by arguing over who does more, or not enough. You both must pull equal weight.”

FRIENDS: You can’t S*** on your friends, THEN  complain once you’ve “CUT THEM OFF” and they aren’t there for you anymore. Simply put…  Don’t S*** on your friends. You’ll force them to back away and let you handle the things YOU want to control to begin with.

Relationships: for both Men and woman, DON”T SETTLE!

Family: Love them while you have them. Nothing is forever.




3 thoughts on “Red Flags

  1. Ron says:

    You understand that God dwells within you. I could give you a long diatribe of theology but it would be to no avail. A good Bible and a dictionary and the Holy Spirit will teach you more than I can. Wherever you are at in the world. Take care of your babies you witness the Creation of God that is so awesome.

  2. Ron says:

    RareBear you are correct on your assessment when it comes to fathers of your children. You protect them at all costs. Regardless of where you live, your importance as a woman in God is more than you can imagine. Great statement you made. Hope it reaches the right ears and eyes. Your friend Ron.

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