Relationship Goals

Ladies and Gents!
I interrupt this poetry session to throw out some real talk


Words from the wise

You cannot mistreat your partner, and expect them to stand by your side forever. You cannot be mean-spirited, and expect for the other person to be nice in return. You CANNOT tell your partner your done, and expect them to keep trying. You cannot say mean things out of anger, and expect those words to just…simply go away.


You can be loving. Be affectionate. Be kind, and give your all.

“Giving someone your time is the most valuable gift of all.”

Which means: If you sit around ignoring them, not responding to them when they speak to you, and ignoring them, you aren’t doing anything to keep them. ….If you don’t give your partner  any time, you WILL lose them. Simply put.


19 thoughts on “Relationship Goals

  1. The Rascal King says:

    If its worth fighting for, people will… its never easy… its always a struggle. The decision you make today will have consequences tomorrow. If someone is important to you, you will make the time for them. You will let them know you’re there if they need you.

  2. countvader says:

    Real talk there! I can totally relate to that. Just keep that positive attitude going. Things always work themselves out.

  3. Ron says:

    Rarebear I like the moniker: As a Father to his Daughter, you have more power in the Garden of God in the spiritual realm then men. Nations rise and fall over your beauty and what is in your heart. For clarification see the images of Esther between Vashita and Ester one wanted to kill the Children and Ester wanted to save the Children. This is one of the books that God is not mentioned in, it is talking directly to the woman. The other book is Song of Solomon . Man deceived you because of your power in the spiritual realm, he saw that in your eyes, your beauty, Man’s redemption lies in the Womans heart and her eyes so when we look into your eyes as men and children, we can see the heavens that lay beyond. God who created you, the help meet of the LORD GOD, to bring Man to redemption to lay down his arms. You teach us how to fight and you teach the daughters how to teach, that is what a true Woman of Christ does not mans church. I know my wife taught me for 49 yrs to see the heavens in her eyes. You probably have heard that it was the woman that deceived the man that is BS. A woman will always search for God faster than a Man that is a given, I know that by life experience, unless a man has uncovered her nakedness. Destroyed her image, her beauty and her power in the heavenly realms. He took your beauty away. Rest assured Father loves all of his daughters and He is watching from above. He sent me out of the wilderness to bring you into the light and not standing in the shadows. You are the church , you teach the children around you . You birth Christ in your heart the same as you birth His sons and daughters in the womb, His creation a virgin birth outside the hands of man, hope this strikes, your spirit, your heart. Father sent me to you to show you His love.

      • Ron says:

        I died for half my life sweetheart, I did not have anyone as a man to hold my hand to teach me. I grew up and was molested and it spun me out into all kinds of sin. I count my blessings that my Father handed me over to men who stole my identity as a male. But it made me who I today. I have seen death in combat, it is quick and bloody. Death in the spiritual realm takes its time, like me I have a terminal illness I was supposed to have died 5 yrs, I guess Fathers not done with me , He sent me to talk to you for awhile. I love you as a neighbor the Father loves you as your Daughter. Between me and you I m old enough your could be my daughter by adoption only the Father knows, before I forget change your avatar to a smile it will enhance your beauty. Leave the sternness to us Combat Warriors. Say your prayers young lady that your Father reveals himself before your eyes, His fullness you will see him in time. My grandchildren and my great grandchild tell me I am long winded, Have a great night and let the the heavens tuck you in while you sleep.

  4. myplace3187 says:

    Hello Rare Bear You are correct about what you are saying. Thanks for sharing such delicate topics with us all here. I understand we all need to be wanted, cared for and listened to when we talk with our significant others in life.

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