Relationships: Stress or Bliss

“It’s not our actions that play into the full impact of a situation. It’s how we take responsibility for or don’t take responsibility for, that defines US.”

“Accountability and integrity can be one in the same.”

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Whether your looking at a friendship, a relationship, family,
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Or…Soul mate
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Here are 10 traits of a healthy relationship:

1. Genuineness
3. Communication
5. Understanding
6. Honesty
7. Patience
8. Loyalty
9. Friendship
10. Love


“If they can lie about the little things…
They WILL lie about the big things.”

Love yourselves enough to know who does or doesn’t work in your orbit.
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4 thoughts on “Relationships: Stress or Bliss

  1. drnc11 says:

    I think honesty is synonymous with genuineness and I would place honesty at the top of my list.

    As a child, my mother always told me to be honest with her and that, no matter what I did wrong, I would always get into more trouble if I lied about it.

  2. tgifmasterminds says:

    So true. It’s really not what you say, but how you say it. That’s why I’m so careful about how I blog and what I blog about. Sometimes expressing what you believe that God is saying to you turns some people off. That’s why I am so blessed when people like you take the time to read and ‘like’ my blog posts. I’ve just discovered your posts and am liking them, too. Have a blessed day.

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