“Your life is a reflection of what is inside of you. What you hold inside of you is always under YOUR control.” #StuffRareSays

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We may not be able to control what happens to us troughout our lives.
We CAN ccontrol how we percieve and react to it all.

Lessons are all around us. 
Our growth inevitable.



There is power in our decisions. Each one with equal weight. With each choice there are repercussions and those consequences become our lessons.  “#StuffRareSays


Believe in your own self and trust the journey.
It really does know what it’s doing.


Simply put….


“Sink or swim?”

When we are at sea we sail.
Shore to shore. 
Through thrashing waves.
We stay afloat
Rock the boat
Either way
We must m
The destination

We turn our reigns.
©Rarenwise 1-13-19

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4 thoughts on “Repercussions

  1. resurrectromanticism says:

    Unless you screw up and you’re too naive enough to realize that, and so you need a good friend to smack you and inform you of what you’ve done.

    I need that sometimes. If I screw up, sometimes I don’t know that, and so I need someone to point that out.

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