“It may not be common, but there will be times in our lives that we may not only see but experience and live within an anomaly.” #StuffRareSays

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“I can’t really explain it but I’ve never been able to get close with anyone else. Not since you.”

“It’s because we were imprinted.” 
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Fierce emotions flow
Through A tethered bond.
Melding us.

Blood rushes.

Bodies tremble.
Hearts rumble.

Time crumbles.

We jive like a rhyme.
Strong desires
Create our own chime.

We cannot restrain
A feeling so raw.
The beasts within
Shall begin to gnaw.

They pound with force.
Against our walls

Raging and roaring
Their calls

A Sheer determination
Break free of their cage.

Becoming one 
Destiny’s wake.
©Rarenwise 1-8-19

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