Some one recently told me, “Where there is darkness there cannot be light.”

A year ago I would have opened my own mouth and expressed my own opinion. Today…….

Since I ran for counsel I have begun to notice a change. I suppose stepping outside your comfort zone truly does change a person. where I would have once spoke up and retorted, I am now quiet and reserved.

“A wise man knows when to keep silent, and when to speak up. ” #StuffRareSays

Here’s the thing: 

When you stare at the night-time sky, is it completely dark? Is there no light being let in?


Isn’t there millions of majestic star lights shining the night-time sky?

“Where there is darkness the light shall always shine in.” #StuffRareSays 

You cannot have one with out the other. Therefore, when this person told me that you cannot have light if there is darkness, instead of stating my piece of mind, I decided to keep to my own.


At the end of the day, it will never matter how hard to try to convince some one of a concept, because there are always two sides to this big and great fight we are all in. There is no point in forcing, but simply vibing.

The side you’re on is on you.

Most importantly, it is not up to us to judge whether someone is of darkness or of light based on their lifestyle choices.



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