Tides And Humblings


“Take the time to enjoy the little things. You can have experiences but you CANNOT remake a memory.”

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WE don’t need a holiday to remember our blessings.


We should always be grateful for our blessings, and those we share them wiith. 

With a full day of baking, and cooking ahead of me, I want to send a great big and awesome holiday greeting your way from US to YOU. 

Care deeply.
Live mindfullly.
Love wholly.
Notice your humblings.
©Rarenwise 11-22-18


Oh wow! It has been a while since I’ve updated y’all

Honey Bear is in Second grade this year. Bashington is officilly a kindergartner, Baby Blue is embarking on her toddler years like a rockstar, and Sweet Pea is … doing her thang.

All in all, it’s been a good year. Despite the struggle, and the journey entailed, I am counting my blessings today. What a beautiful and glorious day to be alive. With Christmas strutting right around the corner, I have been wrapping my head around what to even get the kiddos. Their interests are ever-changing. I will say, that decision became far more easier as I logged onto Amazon this morning and noticed all the sweet Black Friday Deals.

Not only do I recommend these items, but holy wow! You can’t beat what would normally be a  $57.00 Fire stick…. Wait for it…….. FOR $24.99!!!

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With my thought’s bouncing back and forth between a Nintendo Switch, or a Kindle Bundle deal for kids…. I think I figured it out.

Thank you Amazon for offering up sweet Black Friday Deals!!! 



I spent the whole day yesterday taking an online class. Today, I am intellectually drained. So… For now, I’m going to grab the second book in my series and read, until my brain is refueled.

The good news is, I passed the test at the end, and I can move forward from there.

“Always keep going. No matter what the circumstance is. The reward of achievement and successful completion of a goal is far more liberating, than the fear and regret obtained from not making the leap at all. ”

No Limits

“No matter the circumstances, do not accept defeat at any cost.”

As you all well know, I’ve been a community activist/advocate for more than a decade at this point, but to avoid redundancy, only a quick recap is necessary for all you lovely new readers who’ve recently tuned in. 

For the last four weeks, and remainder of the next two, I have been doing videography for an organization with intentions to advocate for many positive things locally and nationwide.

Great strides.

I’m super grateful that I was given the chance and opportunity to be their media coverage gal’

As I prepare myself to head out, I am also crunched for time. 

Many of my readers have recently asked me, “What started you on your advocacy journey?”

I suppose that is why I like IG, Snapchat, Twitter, and even Facebook now, because it creates an outlet for my readers to connect with me and ask me questions.

Which reminds me!

With all the questions I’ve been getting asked, I’ve decided that I’m going to do a Q and A post.

I did not EVER think my bloggerverse would grow large enough to do one of those.

Celebrate good times YEAH! 

Right!  The point:

In our lives many things are at stake. WE all know that. For me, watching my peers, family members, and much more struggle with epidemics. (Do I need to get into specifics? Cause’ I’m sure y’all know what that means.)

These experiences impacted me in a large way. Understanding that there was a need in our community that wasn’t being met, and is still being unfulfilled…. Initiated my flame. From there, the fire bloomed. As other concerns arose, and became just as prominent, I realized I cared enough to make that difference.

What fuels your fire to make a difference?  

Despite the fact that those needs are being un-met especially in regards to the youth of OUR community, and nationwide, I still fight.


Because I believe…At all costs.

At the end of the day, That is all it takes. Believers, and do’ers.

Our youth hold the key to our future.

Therefore, you must ask yourself,

“What kind of future do you want to see, live in and breed? 

Mold it.


Thorns And Roses

Summer is in full swing. My allergies are killen’ me, and It is too hot.

….. Might be time for a swim. 

I have been struggling to find a good book to read for quite some time now. I mean, over a year kind of while.

It leaves me wondering, “Is it because WE writers write, that finding a good read becomes harder and harder the more OUR OWN writing evolves?” 

I finally discovered a good book! One I really don’t want to put down. 

You know, if I didn’t have all those little bambinos running around, pulling me away from it.

As a mom, I’m lucky if I get four chapters in before I have to put a book down. Oh the days when I could read a book in full within a 48 hour period.

Which leads me to my point: I like the book so much that all I can think of is reading it. Therefore, after a long work day yesterday, I am going to spend the rest of my Sunday reading this book,  and advancing far beyond the 7th chapter.

The book, “A Court Of Thorns And Roses” By Sarah J. Maas is spun on the faerie world. It is intriguing because the author doesn’t seem to be basing her storylines off of the cliché characters that we are all too familiar with. Something that is quite refreshing and new.

So far, the book is about a young woman named Feyre, 19, who makes an almost deadly mistake which impacts an ancient treaty. She is doomed to pay the price. Let’s see what happens next….

I wish I could give you more details, but I’d rather not offer any spoilers. However, if your interested in reading along with me, feel free to head over to Amazon and grab your copy today.

As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

With that said, I shall be dipping out. Join me this week as I intend to cover the “13 Reasons Why” series once again, and much more.

 Did I just sound like a sales person???